Incident Response Plan

Incident Response

Incident response is a structured approach to address and manage the after effects of a security breach or cyber-attack, with a goal to reduce damage and limit recovery time and costs.

Our Incident Response Team efficiently monitors your environment and report any threats or activity that is malicious in nature by:

  • Monitor Real Time Alerts
  • Monitor User Activity
  • Monitor Network Activity
  • Detecting and Reporting Security Threats
  • Analysing and Investigating Suspicious Threat Activity
  • Monitoring, researching, analysing, and reporting on the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of a threat actor using the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
Incident Response Plan

Incident Response Plan (IRP) Platform:

A cyber security incident is an act that goes against any organization defined security policy. It can be a malicious activity that includes a compromised user account, or being a victim of a phishing attack. Without an incident response plan in place, an organization may not be able to respond any attack correctly.

Our Incident Response Plan (IRP) Platform Include instructions on how to respond to possible threats and cyber-attack situation, including data breaches, denial of service/distributed denial of service attacks, network intrusions, virus, worms or malware outbreaks or insider threats.