RedTeam Assesment

Our RedTeam Assessment service provides our clients with:

A step above traditional VA/PT testing by simulating real-world attacks by replicating the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of the adversaries. With an objectives to provide accurate understanding of impact on security breach, discovering weakness, security controls and weaknesses in applications and systems.

Our Team looks for vulnerabilities and exploits in the following areas:

Information Technology Assets:

Assets exposed online, by gaining access to one can allow to compromise entire organization, They include IT infrastructure (routers, switches, wireless AP, servers) and applications.

RedTeam Assessment

People (Social Engineering):

Human are the weakest link in a security chain, Which include company employees, third party contractors, critical departments and business partners.

Physical (Access):

.Gaining physical access to an environment such as Office, warehouse, Campus facility and data center.

The detailed report based on the assessment and identified vulnerabilities, with expert review and recommendation steps helps clients to improve security controls and posture.