OBELUS-SIEM Deployment Options

Our cost-effective OBELUS-SIEM solution is available in the market with deployment options like on premises, Hybrid and cloud deployment options.

On-Premises SIEM Installation:

On-Prem SIEM deployment solutions where client either purchase the SIEM solution and hosts on their local data centres and run by an internal team of dedicated security experts. This deployment requires Organization to provide the IT infrastructure necessary to run the SIEM solution. Such solutions allows company with below benefits

The data stays On-Site

The risk involved in sensitive date being compromised, there are also risks involved in data retention for longer period. However, there are reliable and safe methods in cloud deployment some organizations feel safer by keeping the SIEM solution on-premise.

Platform Management

On-Prem SIEM deployment gives full control on the platform management and makes it easy to tailor the deployment based on the business framework.

On-Premises SIEM Installation
HYBRID (MSSP Platform)

HYBRID (MSSP Platform)

In Hybrid deployment where the SIEM solutions is deployed on-premise and co-managed by both in-house security team and MSSP professionals. Wherein the MSSP professional takes care of implementations and integration of the solutions.

Cloud Deployment

Organization can take full advantage of cloud-based infrastructure. With cloud storage providers can provide almost unlimited, indefinite data storage that can scale according to your needs. This enables you to keep potentially useful data without being limited by corporate data storage and retention policies.

Cloud Deployment


Organizations fully outsource their SIEM requirement to MSSP provider. This means that MSSP concurrently deliver SIEM functionalities while managing in-house security operations. In this deployment model, MSSP provide the IT infrastructure and handle all necessary configuration, maintenance, upgrades, integrations, and support while delivering unlimited value, cost, and time savings to your company.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Use case Building
  • Security Reporting

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