With the advent of technological advancement, Cyber threats and attacks have grown exponentially in numbers, in the last decade. These cyber-attacks are not only targeted at big corporations and government establishments anymore. These activists are now targeting social media & IP (Intellectual Property) data centres, critical establishments such as nuclear facilities, power plants, financial institutions, etc. Cyber hacks are now grown to become a cyber-warfare among competing governments, corporations, and even individuals. Thus, in turn risking human lives. Even though corporate companies are continuously aware of the cyber risk posing us, the cost to safeguard and counter security attacks is too high and at times a luxury to own.

We, The TMCL team is helping customers with Intellectual Property (IP) based model and NextGen SIEM. Empowering organizations to successfully reduce risk by rapid detection and responding to modern cybersecurity threats. The TMCL NextGen SIEM Platform combines user behaviour analytics (UBA); network detection (ND); Threat Intelligence (TI), MITRE ATT&CK and Incident response (IR) in a single end-to-end solution. We offer security solutions that helps you reduce your operational cost by eliminating multiple vendor needs and faster implementation turnaround through our highly skilled personnel.

Our OBELUS-SIEM platform is developed to detect, analyze and triage the incidents and threats in real-time, which is built on low latency high throughput platform.

OBELUS key Features

( OBELUS-SIEM is built on low latency high throughput platform. )

With Effective logging and monitoring helps Organization to protect confidential information and to perform careful trend analysis, identify significant improvements to their security management programs.

Threat detection with User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)and MITRE ATT&CK Monitoring and create actionable intelligence of known and unknown risks.

Our inbuilt Incident Response Plan (IRP) platform helps you create playbooks and templates for incidents that are identified or based on proactive understanding and step by step response to resolve security incidents.

Proactively detect and mitigate threats in your environment with real-time insight into indicators of compromise.

Threat intelligence helps protect organizations and users from both known and emerging cyber threats, regardless of the source of those threats. The Integrated global threat feeds allow you to proactively detect and mitigate threats before they reach you. These Threat intelligence feeds includes in-depth information about specific threats to help an organization protect itself from the types of attacks that could do the most damage.

Having a SIEM is a core part of a number of compliance regimes, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001.

TMCL OBELUS-SIEM technology is used to collate events, logs and to generate compliance reports to meet specific compliance requirements, eliminating tedious, costly and time-consuming manual processes. Our built-in PCI DSS Dashboards and Rules rapidly find out policy violations with real-time event correlations, and Reports that covers PCI DSS Requirements for log monitoring, and providing guidance on the planning, implementation, and effective log-monitoring and management practices. This is intended to provide those with PCI DSS compliance obligations direction on improving compliance with PCI DSS log-monitoring requirements.

Is an incredibly powerful tool to detect compromise early, mitigate risk, and stop an attacker from exfiltrating an organizations data.

Case Management Platform is fully integrated into advance analytics enabling you to optimize and document analysis.


OBELUS is an enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform to detect, analyze and triage the incidents and threats in real-time, which is built on low latency high throughput platform.

OBELUS Combined Security Management (CSM) delivers a unified, simple and affordable solution for security information and event management (SIEM), Incident Response, Threat detection, Threat analysis, and compliance. Powered by the latest [TMCL] Labs Threat Intelligence and the Global Threat Intelligence from the most trusted source for threat intelligence exchange, CSM enables mid-size organizations to defend against modern Threats proactively.

  • Log Aggregation & Normalization
  • OTW Event Correlation
  • Realtime Rules Processing & Alerting
  • Customizable Dashboards with Drilldowns
  • Threat Intelligence (OTX & MISP)
  • Threat Hunting (MITRE ATT&CK*)
  • Customizable Workbench.
  • Investigation By Graph (Internal & External)
  • Customizable Incident Response Templates
  • Built-in Case Management
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Attack and Event Simulation.
  • 24x7 Support service


OBELUS-SIEM Platform’s is equipped with MITRE ATT&CK Framework that will allow you to identify and monitor adversarial behaviour.

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User behaviour Analytics (UBA)

User behaviour Analytics (UBA) dashboard and use case shows you the overall user's behaviour on your network.

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Real Time Alert Dashboard

The dashboard allows security analysts to monitor security alerts in real time 24x7.

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Threat Intelligence

Integrated Threat intelligence platform when combined with SIEM, help in detecting real-time threats, and proactively take actions to mitigate the threats.

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Network Monitoring

This visualization helps to view suspicious network activity detected within the client environment.

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TMCL offers fully managed and custom Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service. our comprehensive SOC-as-a-Service offering is the cybersecurity industry’s first IP...



Our Security Consulting Services offers expert professional services to help you to Assess, Design and Implement security services to enhance your IT security posture and reduce security risk.



A Step-By-Step Approach in Dealing with a Security Breach by Preparing, Identifying, Containing, Eradicating, Recovery, Lessons Learned.



TMCL offers Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing capabilities with Managed E2E Security Engineering Services, Security as a Service (SaaS)...

staffing services


Skilled professionals in Cyber Security remain a formidable challenge, Our cyber security staffing services provide highly skilled professionals to meet your organization requirement.

threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence platform integrated with OBELUS-SIEM provides unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

See how modern threats are detected using OBELUS-SIEM.

See what OBELUS-SIEM Combined Security Management (CSM) can do.


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