Cloud Security

The growth of cloud has led to some interesting angles on Security testing. Hence assessing Cloud security is essential to make sure operating systems and applications running on cloud are secure.

TMCL cloud security experts validates and assess your cloud environment whether it is secure enough to protect applications and data and provides you with assessment reports and recommended actions to remediation gaps and complying with security standards.

The team conducts real-world security pen-testing using techniques that are mostly preferred by attackers with the mote to breach security and steal information or cause denial of services on your cloud environment.


Team follows below approach that includes five steps in cloud-based pen testing.

Step 1: Understand the policies of the cloud provider and legal requirements of the pen testing, as well as policies and procedures.

Step 2: Next is to create and plan to perform the cloud application pen test first we need to create plan which include

  • Identify Application
  • Access to Data
  • Compliance Requirement
  • Pen-Testing Tools
  • Access to Network
  • Notify Stakeholder
  • Virtual Machine (VM)

Step 3: Select your pen-testing tools, There are many cloud-based pen-testing tools that may be more cost-effective and require less hardware. That can simulate an actual attack. Many hackers use automated processes to find vulnerabilities.

Step 4: Mitigating the vulnerabilities, All the vulnerabilities identified should be patched fundamental aspect to security.

Step 5: Assessment Report

Reports that verify your cloud security posture and provide actionable intelligence to help you quickly prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and issues.

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Detect and Report Weakness
  • Risk Assessment
  • System and Applications Security
  • Meet Compliance Goal
  • Track Vulnerability till Closure