Application Security Testing

Static Application Security Testing

Static Application Security Testing services offer line-by-line inspection of the source code to determine any security flaws or weakness that is left into the code base. This service includes thorough review of programming source code of multi-tier and multi-component enterprise applications written in programming languages such as C/C++, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, ASP, .NET, Java etc. We use multiple automated tools which help us to quickly analyse the flaws, and then will manually validate every issue and inspect code to overcome the limitations of automated tools and techniques that are ineffective. It verifies compliance with industry security standards and our own secure coding guidelines. Once the testing and code-inspection phases are complete, the analysts generate a comprehensive and easy-to-read report detailing the code deficiencies uncovered in the analysis.

  • Uncovers potential security issues early in the development process
  • On basis of results loopholes are identified and documented

Dynamic Application Security Testing

We specialise in performing comprehensive security testing for the web applications. Our security testing services are designed to be most efficient and wholesome so as to suit the customized needs of organization. Our world-class team of security consultants and seasoned experts have leveraged highly effective techniques, methodology and tools that enable us to quickly assess and identify security problems and issues in applications. Our application security testing methodology has been prepared in reference with industry standards and guidelines (OWASP, SANS, OSSTMM, Pen Test etc..) to bring the immediate value for clients.

Our application security testing services unearths design and logic flaws within the applications that could result in the compromise or unauthorized access of data, networks, systems, applications or information. We perform application security testing to identify and investigate the extent and criticality of vulnerabilities found in applications, including front-end and back-end systems.